Welcome to the UConn Chess Club!

We are a University Chess Club aiming to provide a playing location and opportunity for all chess players living on campus or in the surrounding area.

Unfortunately there has been a death of one of our crucial members, Mr. Thomas Hartmayer, our tournament director.  Thursday night games will be suspended until further notice.

Also our meeting location has changed to Nursing, Carolyn Ladd Widmyer Wing WW01 and it is still on Tuesday night from 7:30PM to 10:00 PM for learning and play.

We meet at two different nights to accommodate the serious tournament players and also the novice and casual players. It can also be for someone who just wants to learn to play..

Beginners, regular or occasional players, and tournament players are welcome!

The UConn Chess Club is organized to promote the game of chess at the University of Connecticut by holding regular meetings, organizing tournaments, and teaching community members about chess. 

We are always trying to get a team into intercollegiate and amateur tournaments. It is future goals of ours to have a team compete in the Pan-Am games.

Look in the Club Calendar in the Events section to see all upcoming club activities.